Friday, January 6, 2012

The Selfish Cyclist

Most activities I engage in are down right selfish. I know that and most of the time I am okay with it. But it does nag at me sometimes. I wish that I could use my selfish motivations for betterment.

So today I finally came up with a plan which is really a new years resolution for life! We have the 1% of the wealthy bastards in the country controlling commerce etc and the other 99% "occupying." I saw this picture
several months ago which really puts things in perspective. The solution that works for my conscience is stop wasting precious time and DO! For all of the money I spend on cycling related junk I'm going to donate 10% to a charity. For instance today I spent $175 at Volker (crazy right) so $17.5 goes in the kitty. Also I'm psyched on trail building, I spend 10 hours this week riding my bike I owe 1 hour of trail work.

Churches have been doing this for years and call it a "tithe." So this is my "dirt church tithe", which unlike Catholicism does not provide money to protect pedophiles. I would appreciate suggestions on reputable charities that serve both local and worldwide. And I challenge you other selfish cyclists to come up with your own percentage of giving.


  1. Habitat For Humanity helps people get involved in investing "sweat equity" for building home for others before providing an opportunity to purchase their own homes on a no-interest loan.

  2. I had an idea that I never acted on of making meals and packing them in a trailer or backpacks and do a "feed the homeless, urban ride".

  3. Jesse, I love this idea man. Good stuff.