Thursday, November 12, 2009

Swope Trails on the Brain

Last Spring I started doing a little trail building out at Swope and got slightly obsessed. Well last Saturday I went out for the first scheduled work day on Phase 3 and had a blast. Travis Stephens, Bryce Lawrence, myself and a few others made a beautiful gully crossing and benched some trail leading up to it and away from it. I have been out two more times this week for multi-hour bench cut sessions by myself. I am totally stoked on getting that trail done. So much so that I ignored the blisters that I earned on Saturday.

And after working today they look like this.
Don't worry I will be just fine. Next time you are out enjoying a ride through Swope Park Trails just think about all the volunteers who suffered to make that place so kick ass. I would go out and see if I could get down to bare bone working on the trails over the weekend. But alas, I am headed down to Arkansas to climb for the weekend. See ya suckas later.

Reel Rock Film Tour

Next Friday the 20th of November, the Reel Rock Film Tour will be in KC. Hosted by The North Face and the American Alpine Club. It starts at 7 p.m. so get there (the North Face Store on The Plaza)for a good seat. Best part is admission is free, and there is swag to be had. Now wait, why the hell am I advertising this if there is swag. That just decreases my chances of getting some. I guess sometimes I am a Reel nice guy. Check out the link to the trailer, looks sweeeeet!