Monday, December 5, 2011

Mudder Trucker!

Yesterday was the MO state championship cyclcross race and despite not having much cyclocross time under my belt this fall I headed out to the Raytown BMX track for a little spa time. The rain the previous day had made for epic mud. I was taking my new All-City Nature Boy out for her maiden voyage which I was pretty sure would set me up for some major mechanical. This was literally the first ride. It performed flawlessly!

I talked Sean into racing his first cx race ever here is his recap,. Lots of muddy bikes were found in the parking lot. I lined up and went to add some mud to mine. Corners were slippery, racers and their bikes were covered head to toe in slop. My bike came across the finish line in 3rd with a good 15 pounds of mud and grass coagulated around the brakes and drive train. Sean narrowly missed a DFL, keeping the streak alive.

It took a good 5 minutes of power washing to see the beauty of my new steed return. With all the dirt removed it was like a Daytona Spring Break 1985 wet t-shirt contest.

Speaking of, Pyro killed it with a 2nd place finish in open against some VERY serious dudes.