Thursday, September 24, 2009


Since I have been trying to post at least twice a month on my blog. Here is numero dos. My dogs have been obsessed with a possum that frequents our back yard. Here is a priceless photo of them wondering what to do with the nasty little creature.

The brown one went right up to it, sniffed it and took a big bite of it. The possum promptly bit her right back and spooked her. After that the black one was very hesitant to get to close. Specially after seeing the creature fight back and because of all of the hissing and stench it was projecting. I took the dogs inside.

15 minutes later I opened the back door to see if it was still there. The dogs must have been discussing possum sieging strategy while inside, because they burst out onto the porch and in a flurry plucked the vile thing of of the cable and each took to shaking and pulling on their respective end. It went immediately limp and Cooper (the black one) trotted down the steps towards the yard with his trophy in tow. i yelled for him to stop and drop it, which he did. The possum was doing what he or she does best and looked/smelled convincingly dead. I scooped it up onto a board to toss it over the fence. It's prehensile tail groped for the cables of the railing while it was being raised. Thunk, inside dogs.

10 minutes later the possum had finished acting and was nowhere to be found.

While on the subject here is a classic. Enjoy

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Too Good for Smithville Trails

Having heard about the trails for years and never actually ridden them. I had built it up in my mind that they were lame and not worth the drive up there when I could go to Landahl or BuRP in the same amount of time.

Well this morning I took a major hit to my ego. Yes, sometimes I am dead wrong. In this instance being dead wrong is pretty dog gone good. Travis and I headed to Smithville for a late morning start. He had ridden there twice before. The parking lot was nice and paved with an official trailhead marker and maps. We dropped in on the East side and rode all the way to Sailboat Cove then headed back sampling everything on the west side. Ninety minutes later we rolled into the parking lot with grins on our faces. The trails were plentiful and lots of fun. Tight single track through trees, rock gardens, and open fields. Big burmed corners, lots of low radius switch backs and alot more climbing than I had expected.

This is how all fast singletrack should ride. Shawnee Mission Park needs to take a few lessons from the northland dirt. psyched for next time!