Monday, October 10, 2011

Swope Redux

Went out to swope park for the first time without a bicycle nor handtools. Just a crashpad, some shoes and some chalk. I donned my spongebob squarepants outfit and headed east on Woodchuk run to the "headache" boulder. Jer, and the entire Braley crew were there throwing down. I intially was totally underwhelmed by the choss rock but quickly developed a line worthy of some effort. The Braleys split and Jer and I slowly dissected the problem. We had our pads laid out right in the middle of the trail which never was an issue since we only saw 3 cyclists in over an hour. I guess people are more psyched for phase 3 and 4. Anyways after the Beta puzzle was assembled Jer finally sent it by the skin of his teeth. I was close, but as they say no cigar. How hard is it? Please head out there and give your 2 cents, it is the boulder labeled "headache!"

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